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Manifest works with many highly reputable and well-known companies from North America and Europe. Below is sampling of these companies.

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Over the past few years, Manifest has become one of the primary resellers of Digital Forensics, associated IT tools and related products in Hong Kong and Macau. We refer to this product line as the, “MML Forensics Tool Box”. Tools available in this “Tool Box” include, but are not limited to products from the following companies:
Company Product Lines Company Logo
AccessData E-Discovery and digital forensices tools
ACE Laboratory Ltd. Data recovery tools
ADF Solutions, Inc. Media exploitation and digital forensic triage tools
Apricorn, Inc. PC storage products, utilities and accessories.
Arsenal Recon Computer forensics
ASR Data Computer forensics software
Atola Technology Forensic & data recovery equipment
Backbone Inc. PCI data security standard compliance
Belkasoft Digital forensics software
BlackBag Technologies, Inc. Mac acquisition software
CCL Solutions Group Ltd. Digital forensics and e-discovery solutions
Cellebrite Ltd. Mobile forensics
Cloud Shark Network capture tools
Cognitec Facial Recognition Face recognition software
Digital Assembly, Inc. Digital forensics solutions
DME Forensics Inc. Focused digital & multimedia evidence solutions
EDEC Digital Forensics Forensics tools and RF shielding solutions
E-Fense, Inc. Data security solutions
Elcomsoft Co. Ltd. Password recovery and system security
Evidence Talks Ltd. Digital forensics Tools
F-Response (Agile Risk Management LLC) Forensics, data recovery, and eDiscovery
FastStone Soft Image processiong and management tools
Fernico, Inc. Cell phone investigation tools
GetData Forensics Pty Ltd. Data recovery tools
I.R.I.S. Group s.a Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) solutions
ICS - Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc. Disk drive duplication tools
InfinaDyne Media examination and evidence collection
Integral Memory plc. Encrypted memory drives and cards
Kaspersky Lab Anti-virues and IT security
Katana Forensics, LLC Mac forensics tools
Kernel Data recovery software
Kroll Ontrack Inc. Data recovery software
Logicube HD cloning & forensic imaging solutions
MacForensicsLab Inc. Mac forensics tools
Magnet Forensics Inc. Computer and mobile forensics tools
MAM-A, Inc. Archive grade CD-R, DVD and Blu-ray discs
MD5 Ltd. Data recovery and digital forensics
Media sp. z o.o. (Mediarecovery) Media imager tools
MSAB Mobile phone forensics
Netresec AB Network Forensics and Security Monitoring
Nuix Investigation and electronic discovery software tool
Oxygen Forensics, Inc. Digital forensics tools
Paessler AG Network monitoring tools
Paraben Corporation Mobile and computer forencics investigation tools
Parker Software Email tracking solutions
Passware Inc. Passwork recovery software
Radio Tactics, Ltd. Mobile data extraction solutions
Ramsey Electronics RF shielding solutions
Retina-X Studios, LLC (PhoneSheriff) Phone monitoring and filtering
R-Tools Technology Inc. Data recovery
SalvationDATA Technology LLC. Digital data recovery
Select Fabricators, Inc. RF/EMI shielding solutions
SiQuest Corporation Forensics examination tools Inc. Disk Utilities for Apple Mac OS X
Sumuri LLC Forensics and eDiscovery tools
SysDev Laboratories LLC Data organization and data recovery
Tableau Software Computer forensics tools
TamoSoft Security and network monitoring software
ThreatExpert Ltd. Automated threat analysis system
Transend Corp. Email migration tools
Vere Software Online investigation software
VOOM Technologies, Inc. Portable computer forensic devices
Vound LLC Computer forensics
WiebeTech (CRU Acquisition Group, LLC.) Digital forensics tools
X-Ways AG Computer forensics investigation tools

Manifest started off as a communications accessory reseller. It has grown to become one of the largest resellers of security and security related equipment in Hong Kong and Macau. Offering an extensive range of products, Manifest strives to offer only the best available in each product area. Companies represented by Manifest in Hong Kong and Macau include:
Company Product Lines Company Logo
Armourshield, Ltd. Bullet resistant vests, ballistic helmets and ballistic blankets
Atlantic Signal Tactical headsets
BAYCO Products, Inc. Nightstick intrinsically safe and tactical flashlights
BriefCam, Ltd. Video synopsis and review software
Cardo Systems, Inc. Scala Rider motorcycle helmet wireless communications
CBC Brazil Small arms ammunition
Chemring Group PLC Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and search
Condor Non-Lethal Technologies Non-Lethal munitions
Digital Ally, Inc. Bodyworn and vehicle camera systems
DTC – Domo tactical communications Video surveillance and advanced MESH communications
Dyplex High-tech communications and security products
Fisher Labs M-Scope portable metal detection archways
Gecko Headgear Marine safety helmets
Geovox Security, Inc. AVIAN heartbeat detector
Griffon Hoverwork Ltd. Hovercraft design and manufacture
IMSSCO Corporation PFA-95 Portable Foam Applicator
Imtradex Communications headsets
Japan Cell Co., Ltd. Alpha-1 hand-held, long-range searchlight
JetFloatQ Pontoon systems
Linen Tracker, IncS RFID asset tracking solutions
LRAD Corporation Long range acoustic devices
Newcon OptikU Night vision and other milspec optical devices
Ovation Systems Ltd. Video storage and recording equipment
Ozilite Flameless cigarette lighter solutions.
Phonak Communications AG Covert and hearing protection communication accessories
Plextek Ltd. Blighter e-Scan doppler ground radar
Qioptiq Ltd. Thermal imagers and night vision
Scanna MSC Ltd. Mailroom and EOD x-ray systems
Scott Safety Industrial safety masks, breathing apparatus and headwear
Smiths Detection Border security and threat detection equipment
SpetzGear Tactical Systems Kydex holsters and tactical gear
Stearns Personal flotation and marine safety equipment
Steiner/Steiner eOptics Binoculars, riflescopes, laser devices and battle lights
Ultra Graytronics Marine intercom systems
Verint Systems Inc. Security and intelligence gathering soluctions